Welcome to Monhegan Island!

Monhegan is a small, rocky island ten miles from the nearest mainland and scarcely a square mile in area. It is accessible only by boat and is primarily a walking island. Since the 1800s, the island’s two primary economies are fishing and tourism. Lobster traps line the unpaved roads that lead to the village and cliffs that attract so many to this special place. Monhegan Associates, Inc., a private non-profit, owns and maintains most of the ‘wildlands’ that feature 9 miles of hiking trails, leading to the highest ocean cliffs on the Maine coastline. The village is clustered on the other third of the island where visitors can find lodging, gift shops, refreshments, and things to do. Monhegan has long been a destination for artists and art lovers and there are ample opportunities to enjoy both, including artists studios, crafts co-op, and Monhegan Museum of Art & History.

A few things to know

  • Emergencies Dial 911
  • Friends of Monhegan Volunteer Fire Department (FOMVFD) has recruited licensed medical volunteers for a first aid station beginning late-May to mid-October
  • Located across from the island store
  • Walk-in hours: Monday – Friday, 10 am – 11 am
  • Free of charge but donations accepted.
  • Conditions seen: strains, sprains, rashes, cuts & bruises, coughs, colds, allergies, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fish hook injuries, tick bites, animal bites, ear aches, headaches, fever, eye infections, skin infections, urinary tract infections
  • Conditions NOT seen: chronic illness, renewal of prescription medications
  • Please observe the following restrictions in the Monhegan Wildlands:
  • Monhegan Associates has a “Leave no Trace” policy and discourages any alteration or additions to its wildlands
  • Carry in, carry out for you and your pet. There are no public trash receptacles.
  • No wheeled vehicles are allowed on the hiking trails. Including: strollers, dirt bikes, bicycles, and ATV’s.
  • Camping and technical climbing are forbidden.
  • Fires are prohibited, including smoking.
  • The use of drones in the wildlands is prohibited.
  • Trail maps are available for purchase at ferries, accommodations and throughout the island. The Monhegan Nature Guide is available for purchase online and in stores.
  • Pets must be leashed in accordance with Maine State law.
  • Kayaking on the backside is not safe.
  • Resources are vulnerable, please be mindful of your consumption including water and electricity.
Getting here is half the adventure. With three ferry services you are sure to find your way to the island.
From rustic cottage, to quaint guest house or a full-service hotel. You’ll find what you’re looking for here.
You may be surprised by the variety and quality of food and drink on Monhegan Island.
Bring home the perfect hand-made craft, work of art, or souvenir for someone special, or for yourself.
Events, announcements, and more can be found on the ‘The Rope Shed’ and on the Monhegan Events Google Calendar.
Frequently Asked Questions page. We may have your question answered right here.
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