Around the Harbor and Village

Fish Houses on the Harbor
  • Reservations: To avoid disappointment, make advance reservations for boat passageinns, and rooms. Space is limited. Shop and inn openings as well as boat schedules vary from year to year and from season to season. Check with proprietors, especially when planning a trip to the Island before mid-June or after mid-September. (No street lights here; remember a flashlight if you’re overnighting!)
  • Money: There is no bank on the Island, although there’s an ATM at the Barnacle Cafe on the dock. Personal checks are accepted at the discretion of proprietors. Most places accept credit cards. There are no public telephones; cell phone coverage can be unreliable. 
  • Coming on your own boat: A few guest boat moorings are available for short term and overnight mooring. The Harbormaster can help you find one or suggest suitable anchorages. Private boats should not be tied up at the dock when mainland boats arrive and depart, nor be left unattended there. Lines must be long enough to accommodate changes in the tide which may be as much as 11 feet.
  • Clothing: Attire everywhere on the Island is casual. Bring a warm sweater, a wind-breaker (you may need it on the boat), and possibly foul weather gear. Wear sturdy shoes fit for walking on rocky surfaces – no island roads are paved – over ledges, through wooded areas and into mud. Leave resort clothing at home. 
  • Health and safety: There is no resident physician and island facilities, equipment, and supplies for medical care are extremely limited. Emergency medical services originate from the mainland and often are delayed by weather. In case of a SERIOUS emergencycall 911 but be aware that cell phone service can be spotty especially outside the village. If you are on medication make sure you have enough on hand for your stay as there is no Island pharmacy. 
  • Parking is available at all mainland ports. No visitors’ cars are allowed on the Island. All three excursion boats allow about four hours on the Island for a one-day visitor.
  • Label baggage with your name, address, Island destination, and the boat on which you are travelling, to prevent luggage from getting on the wrong boat or being taken back to the mainland prematurely. Trucks to deliver your luggage are on the dock at boat time. PLEASE KEEP YOUR CHILDREN AND PETS OUT OF THE WAY OF THOSE LOADING AND UNLOADING LUGGAGE.
  • Toilet facilities are limited for the casual visitor. Toilets, provided by the Monhegan House, are behind the Novelty but you are strongly advised to make use of the facilities of your boat. There are no public garbage cans on the island; please take ALL refuse back inland with you! 
  • Food: There are many places for lunch, picnic supplies, or dinner.  If you bring along your lunch, “brown-bag” it and carry the remains back to the mainland for disposal; a large hamper will hamper you. 

    On the roads, trucks have the right-of-way. Please step out of the road to let them pass, and see that your children and pets do the same.